I guess we all have a rough week. This week was one for me.

Besides the option of drowning myself in a pint of chocolate ice cream, I struggle with ideas of how to deal with my tension. It seems that at times of stress that time for devotions, exercise, and eating well tends to disappear. Luckily I had time to breathe a bit today and put life in perspective.


It’s at times like this when I need to laugh! I am so thankful for my husband that makes me laugh each day! Happy 16th Anniversary, Matthew!

What do you do when life overwhelms you?

Luckily for the next week and a half we have the State Fair in town! I hope we can still find time to attend!

And I thought this article presented by Realtor Magazine was a bit interesting: Do Psychological Triggers Draw You to Certain Homes? 

Remember to laugh, live, learn and love!


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