Local News, Anywhere

Did you know you can get much of the Caroline Progress online? Every Thursday, a new set of local articles come out – just like the weekly printed paper.





At the top of the page are links to one feature article a week in Home, Sports, Business, News, Lifestyle, and Entertainment.




On the left hand side, there are links to such items as world news, school closings, a weekly editorial comment, and a local education article.






One item I found to be beneficial was the link to community events. This way I do not need to hang on to the paper once I have read it. I can look online to see what is happening for the weekend or the next day. The religion link is actually the church events listed in the paper – at least it was this week.



My final advice is to be patient. I believe that the Caroline Progress has only been putting articles online for a few months. I’m sure that as they “progress,” you will see more of the links filled in.



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