Thank you for reviewing my Home Buyer Resource page for the Fredericksburg, VA Region.   Buying a home is a significant life event and the home should meet your lifestyle and family needs.  My role is to listen to your needs, help your ensure that you’re considered all your needs and then work through the complicated process to find your next home.

I understand that the process is about you.  I’ll help you with finding the right home, determining the best price to offer and then work with you through the process.  Please be sure to bookmark this page for future reference when looking for information.

When we meet you’ll be asked to sign a disclosure form and agreement before you can be represented.  Agents in Virginia are required by law to have a written agreement with their buyers before they can provide any service.  This law was passed in July of 2012 and I have information HERE to better explain this legal requirement.

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Feel free to email me at or call me at 540.455.3350 with any questions.  Also, don’t forget to check out “What You Need To Know About Being Represented In Virginia”.

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